Cera Care – Recruiting in social care

Recruiting into care roles

Yvonne Hignell, Chief Operating Officer of Cera Care, recently embarked on a UK-wide recruitment drive for 10,000 new carers.

Here’s her top tips for recruiting into the sector

In the current emergency we’ve seen people who may have never considered working in the care sector, now prepared and willing to do so. 

Anyone working in the sector knows how important our work is; but it isn’t always easy to convince others, or attract workers, so I’ve put together my top five tips on how to attract and retain the best candidates.

1.         Sell the benefits

There are many varied roles available that can be hugely fulfilling and can really transform people’s lives; these are the messages we need to get across in our recruitment advertising.  People also tend to identify with people like them, so using your current workforce to tell their story can be a powerful tactic.

The Department for Health & Social Care has some online resources to help with recruitment in the sector.

2.         Recognise transferable skills

Consider candidates without care experience. People who have worked in customer facing roles, such as retail, hospitality and customer service often have transferrable skills and qualities that will set them up well for a career in care.  Think about the career pathways that exist in your organisation and highlight these opportunities to prospective candidates.

3.   Speed up your recruitment process

Streamline your recruitment and on-boarding processes. You could even consider using video interviews. Once you’ve made the decision, get regular induction and training sessions booked in early to get people skilled-up to start as soon as possible. Don’t forget to make sure there’s ongoing support and encouragement for new joiners. Many people who leave the sector do so in their first 90 days.

4. Provide a warm welcome

People looking for work are more informed than ever about potential employers.  If we want to attract and retain the very best people, regular positive communication is key.

5. Access to a broad talent pool 

Finally, to reach the widest possible pool of people, upload your vacancies to the Government Matching Service Find a Job

If the outbreak of Covid-19 has taught me and my team anything, it’s that the Health and Social Care sector is fundamental to our society and economy, and there will never be a shortage of demand. The onus is now on us, as employers, to be as inclusive and welcoming as we can.